Pneumatic In-wall Cistern 88mm (Wall Hung)
Pneumatic In-wall Cistern 88mm (Wall Hung)

SKU Code : Pneumatic In-wall Cistern 88mm (Wall Hung) 20010A-PNE-NA


Pneumatic In wall Cistern 88mm (Wall Hung)
Pneumatic mechanism with soft and smooth hand feeling
Supports flexible faceplate location within 1m radius
Noise-free filling valve minimises noise of water fill in
Individual water filter eliminates the impurity of water
Toilet cleanser dispenser eliminates toilet smell and reduce the risk of limescale build up on ceramic
Injection moulded tank with less risk of water leaking and more reliable than blow moulded tank
3/4.5L meets sustainability needs
Accessible valve
Anti-back flow device
Adjustable water inlet level
Adjustable flush volume
Dual flush
Adjustable toilet fixing height
Slim tank fits a 90mm cavity
Internal shut-off valve
Designed for use on wall hung toilets


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